How Safe is Your Hospital?

Hospital Safety Grade Review Period Delay Due to Hurricane Florence

Due to the severe weather forecasted for the Eastern Seaboard and the Mid-Atlantic Region as a result of Hurricane Florence, the 3-Week Safety Grade Review Period that was scheduled to begin on September 12 will open next week. The exact date will be determined on Monday based on the status of areas impacted by the hurricane. This delay will ensure that all hospitals have sufficient opportunity to review their data and that Leapfrog staff will be able to provide Help Desk support during the entirety of the Review Period.

Leapfrog will send an announcement once a new date has been determined for the start of the 3-Week Grade Review Period on Monday, September 17. Following the start of the Grade Review Period, hospitals will have 3 weeks to review the data that will be used in the Fall 2018 Hospital Safety Grade.

Please contact the Help Desk if you have questions.