How Safe is Your Hospital?

Key Dates for Hospitals

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Planned Changes to the Fall 2020 Hospital Safety Grade

Leapfrog is planning two changes to the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade methodology that will be used to calculate the Fall 2020 Hospital Safety Grades. These changes account for changes in the availability of data resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and were made based on stakeholder feedback and consultation with the Leapfrog’s research team at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Download here 

As a final step in implementing the new methodology (see above), Leapfrog requests public comment. Stakeholders may submit comments at until 5:00 PM ET on May 29, 2020. When submitting a comment, please select “Hospital Safety Grade” as your ratings program. Then select “Submit a Public Comment” from the Safety Grade issue drop-down list. Lastly, describe your public comment in the “Question” field.

2020 Data Snapshot Dates
The data snapshot date is the date that Leapfrog will extract public data (i.e., download data published by CMS or submitted to Leapfrog or secondary data sources) to calculate Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades. All data, including Leapfrog Hospital Survey results, must be finalized by these dates.

  • January 31 (for Spring 2020 Safety Grades) 
  • September 30 (for Fall 2020 Safety Grades) 

For more information about Leapfrog Hospital Survey deadlines visit

Courtesy Review Dates
As a courtesy to hospitals, Leapfrog will hold a 3-Week Courtesy Safety Grade Review Period before the public release of each Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade update. The Review Period is an opportunity for hospitals to review the data for accuracy (i.e., identify recording errors, hospital name and address changes, etc.) on a secure website and review changes to the scoring algorithm.

  • February 18- March 9 (for Spring 2020 Safety Grades)
  • TBD (for Fall 2020 Safety Grades) 

Town Hall Calls

Leapfrog hosts a Town Hall Call during each 3-week Courtesy Safety Grade Review Period to provide hospitals and other stakeholders with information on changes to the measures and scoring methodology. 

  • Town Hall Call for Spring 2020: February 24 from 1-2pm ET
  • Town Hall Call for Fall 2020: TBA

Download the slides from the Spring 2020 Town Hall Call here | Download the recording from the Spring 2020 Town Hall Call here

Letter Grade Embargo Period 

Following the close of the 3-week Courtesy Safety Grade Review Period, Leapfrog finalizes the data and establishes letter grade cut-points. Leapfrog then refreshes the Safety Grade Review website and hospitals are able to participate in a 2-week Letter Grade Embargo Period in which they can preview their letter grade prior to the public announcement. 

  • April 9 - 29 (for Spring 2020 Safety Grades)
  • TBD (for Fall 2020 Safety Grades) 

2020 Public Announcement Dates 

The Hospital Safety Grades will be updated on the website twice per year.

  • Spring 2020: April 30
  • Fall 2020: TBD

For questions about the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, or to update information about your facility, contact our Help Desk at