How Safe is Your Hospital?

License the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade

Leapfrog offers health plans, transparency vendors, and solutions providers the opportunity to license the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade for use on their platforms and programs. Contact us to learn more about how licensing will work for you.

Why license the Safety Grade?

  • Allows you to display critical information for your users to choose a hospital without ever leaving your website or app
  • Enhances your decision support tool by integrating with cost data to show which hospitals offer the best value for consumers,
  • Offers the data purchasers want their employees to know
  • Helps health plans highlight hospitals where they want to steer their members
  • Facilitates establishment of preferred facilities, narrow networks, tiering and Centers of Excellence
  • Makes it easier for users to choose the safest hospital that's more likely to provide a good outcome

Hear directly from our data users on why the Safety Grade matters:

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